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Thank you for choosing MAGRENTA!
This page gives you information concerning your rental.
The full terms and conditions will be printed on the rental agreement available at the rental office.

Online Booking
Reservations will only be confirmed for a car group, not for a specific type/make model of the car.

Amending your booking
The price guaranteed relates to the location/car group and date/time details specified. Once confirmed, any amendments to your reservation may affect the price and / or availability of the vehicle.
You will need to have your reservation number handy.

Modify or cancel a prepaid booking
If you would like to modify or cancel a booking that you paid for online, please note that surcharges will apply.

1. Check the amendment/cancellation fee:

1.1 - If you cancel your booking on the same day the reservation is made, no cancellation fee will be applied.
1.2 - If you cancel your booking up to 3 days prior to collection you will receive a full refund less €50.
1.3 - If you cancel your reservation within 3 days prior to the rental date shown in your booking, a fixed compensation amount, similar to the average 3 day rental amount will be applied.
If you have rented for less than 3 days , the full amount of the voucher will be kept as compensation.
1.4 - If you do not collect your vehicle and do not cancel, there is no refund and the full amount of the voucher will be kept as compensation.
1.5 - In order to obtain a refund of the amount you have paid for your voucher (where applicable) you must write to the following email address requesting the money be refunded.


1.6 -
The amount will be returned on the same card used for the transaction, within maximum 30 working days.
1.7 -
For online payment, the transaction will appear on your bank statement, with the name www.magrenta.com
1.8 -
The delivery of the car paid online, is made on the date an hour requested by the client in the location mutually agreed.

Online Discounts

The price displayed will include any applicable online discounts.

General Conditions

The car is rented according to the Rental Agreement terms and conditions, printed on the reverse side of the Rental Agreement. Renters are asked to read carefully and confirm acceptance by signing the Rental Agreement at the MAGRENTA rental location.
MAGRENTA reserves the right to refuse a rental without explanation.

Age and driving licence requirements
In order to rent a car in Romania, customers must comply with minimum age requirements, which may vary according to the rental car group:
Minimum age is 21 years
Renters and additional drivers must have held a valid driving licence for a minimum of 12 months. An international driving licence is required if the renter or additional drivers' licence is non-roman alphabet. Copy of driver's licence, expired driver's licence or temporary driving allowances are not accepted.
The rental vehicle is normally only insured for the person who makes the rental. If others plan to drive the car, they must be present at time of rental to be added to the Rental Agreement, subject to presenting a full driver's licence that has been held for at least one year. Any additional driver must meet the minimum age requirements.
An extra charge will apply between 2.00 EUR - 4.00 EUR per day, for a maximum of 10 days, for each additional driver.  

It is possible to make the payment online with your personal or business card, under complete security conditions.
The cards accepted for payment are those issued under the VISA (Classic and Electron) and MASTERCARD (including Maestro, if they have CVV2 / CVC2 codes).
No additional transaction fee is charged.
Card data processing is done exclusively on PlatiOnline servers.
The security of your information is guaranteed by the fact that PlatiOnline does not store the confidential data of your card, but sends it encrypted on a secure connection to the processor bank.
That way your information is secure.
Regardless of the currency you have in your account, the transactions are made in lei, at the exchange rate of your bank.
For payment by card, the transaction will appear on the account statement with the name MAGRENTA.

Accepted method of payment (VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO)

Cash, Debit Cards and Credit Cards payment accepted. 
Whatever means of payment are used, MAGRENTA reserves the right to carry out any necessary checks and to agree to or refuse the rental. The cost of the rental is computed in Euro. Any payment made in other convertible currencies is computed according to current MAGRENTA exchange rates.  

Accepted method of payment for DEPOSIT: (VISA and MASTERCARD)
package - only CREDIT CARD -
Please note that, at the time of the rental, the credit card that you present must have sufficient available credit to cover the insurance excess.
SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM packages - Cash, Debit Cards and Credit Cards payment accepted.

Documents to present when picking up the car

The following documents must be presented when you pick-up the car:
- identity card or passport
- valid driving licence held for a minimum of 12 months
If there is an additional driver, he must also present an identity card/passport and his driving licence, and must be present at time of pick up.

Border Crossing

All other vehicles may travel to the following European countries only (prior notification is required): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia*, Czech Republic, France*, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy*, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turcia.
*Continental part only, it is not allowed to cross into the islands.
Cross border fee is increasing from 30% up to 100% from the total amount of Rental Agreeement / rental
The company MAGRENTA has the right to monitor electronically the vehicle through remote monitoring tools. The company MAGRENTA has the right to locate, stop and repossess the vehicle at the expense of the lessee and without notice if the vehicle is used in violation of the law, illegally parked, apparently abandoned, used outside Romania or used in violation of payment obligations or other obligations arising under the lease agreement

Rental rates
Rates include at least oil, maintenance and third party liability.
Fuel is not included in our prices.
Vehicle damage and vehicle theft are payable by the client within the limits of a maximum amount.
The minimum length charged is 48 hours. The period of 60 minutes over 24 hours is free of charge. Over 60 minutes delay a full day will be charged according to rental agreement rate.
For monthly or long term arrangements, information available on request.

Driver Included Fee
This fee is the availability of a driver at your disposal for a period of 8 hours, during a rental day of a car from MAGRENTA.

Additional Driver charge

The drivers mentioned in the contract are the only persons allowed to drive the MAGRENTA vehicle. Customers should notify the MAGRENTA location of the extra driver when collecting their vehicle. An extra charge will apply: 2.00 EUR -  4.00 EUR per day, for a maximum of 10 days, per driver. The number of additional drivers is unlimited.
If the car is driven by person not authorized by MAGRENTA (not mentioned in the rental agreement), any damage to the car, up to the full value of the car, will be charged to the renter, regardless of the insurance type purchased at the start of the rental.

Damage administration fee
An administrative fee of 100.00 EUR will be applied in case of damage or theft of the car, even if no excess applies.

Other surcharges:
Lost key: from 150.00 EUR to 500.00 eur (depending on car model) per item.
Lost car documents: 150 EUR per item.
No police report in case of damage or theft: 150.00 EUR.
Excessive dirt inside the vehicle or stained upholstery: 60.00 EUR - 300 EUR.
If the customer needs the assistance of MAGRENTA staff due to key loss, damaged tires, broken car window or any other similar situations, a fee of 0.5 EUR/km will be charged for the distance covered up to customer's location.

Car delivery and collection in Romania
The service is "upon request" and it depends on the availability of the MAGRENTA personnel from the rental office and on the method of payment. Delivery and collection requests must be sent with at least 24 hours in advance.
Identity details (passport, drivers license) and other details necessary for the rental agreement, must be provided at the time of booking.

One way rentals
Within Romania, between cities:
A one way fee from EUR 40.00 to EUR 300.00  will apply.

Returning the vehicle
MAGRENTA provides you with a MINIMUM 1/3 tank fuel at the beginning of the rental.
By subscribing the Fuel Service Option at the beginning of the rental, you pay in advance a full tank at a price of 1.20 EUR/litre and therefore you do not have to worry about finding the nearest service station when returning the vehicle, which could make you miss your train or plane.
If you do not subscribe the Fuel Service Option, we advise you to fill up the tank prior to returning the vehicle to MAGRENTA.
Otherwise, the missing fuel will be charged at 1.5 EUR/litre. To calculate as best as possible the quantity of fuel used.
In so far as he does not fill the tank himself, the customer acknowledges the methods of calculation used to determine the quantity of fuel consumed.

Opening hours
Monday – Friday 9:00 – 22:00; Saturday – Sunday 9:00 – 15:00
On request at MAGRENTA office location.