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Alba Iulia - Located in southwest of Transylvania, Alba Iulia city is famous for Apulum settlement, an ancient location of Roman Empire. Enjoy the beauty of Transylvania and rent a car in Alba Iulia. The headquarter car rental can be found in downtown of Alba Iulia.

Rent a car location in Alba Iulia

Our rent-a-car service is located in the city centre, right next to the Alba Iulia Fortress. Visit us to rent a Compact or a Luxury car and explore the city in your own style, without worrying about public transport schedules. Alternatively, we can deliver your car at a location that you choose.

Tourist Attractions in Alba Iulia

 Situated in south-east Transylvania, Alba Iulia city in Romania is famous for Apulum, an old location of the Roman Empire. Enjoy the sights of local Transylvania and discover Romanian history at the Alba Iulia Unification Museum (Muzeul Unirii Alba Iulia). Go on the Romanian National Heroes Track and visit the dungeon where Horea was locked and other attractions from the period of the Great Romanian Unification. Come to Alba Iulia on the national day of December 1st and take part in the annual festivities, taste the traditional Ardeal region foods and hear the story of the city directly from locals.

Road Traffic in Alba Iulia

Travel quickly through the city behind the wheel of a rental car. As it is a medium-sized city, traffic is more relaxed than in a large metropolis, which means that you will reach your destination immediately. If you want to visit the picturesque surroundings and explore protected areas such as the Red Ravine, rent a full size SUV that will guarantee your safety and comfort.