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Rent a car in Bacau

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Bacau - Bacau city is located in the historic area of Moldova. Visit the famous monasteries or venture out on a journey with a comfortable and safe car. Rent a car office in Bacau is at the airport or have the car delivered to a location of your choice.

Rent a car in Bacau

You can find us for car hire services at “George Enescu” International Airport in Bacau, only 12 minutes from the city centre. You can also choose to reserve your car online and we will send it to your preferred address.

What to do in Bacau

The city of Bacau is situated in the northeastern region of Moldova in Romania and has about 144,000 inhabitants. The distance between Iasi and Bacau is about 127 km or 2 hours by car. Near Bacau there are a few unique eco-touristic attractions that you can visit, such as Poiana Uzului Lake and the natural reservations Nemira and Lilieci Lake. Here you can see rare plants, birds and animals, including some endangered species. Besides these touristic attractions, you can visit some impressive residences nearby, such as Stirbei Palace in Daramanesti or the Red Castle in Hemeius. Don’t miss out on the historical churches such as the Casin Monastery or the newly created church inside the Drumul Sarii salt mine.

Road traffic in Bacau

Bacau is a relatively small city, where you can drive across quickly if you have a reliable car. This way, you don’t have to worry about public transportation, as nothing else can offer you the autonomy if a personal vehicle. Rent a car from a class of your choice and explore Bacau at your own pace. You can spend a whole day in nature and then you can enjoy a meal in one of the best restaurants in central Bacau in just a few minutes.